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Whatever you write comes true spell

Jim Carrey is famous for having written a cheque to his dad for an unfathomable amount dated a year in the future so he could pay his parents back for everything they had done for him. He kept it in his wallet and a year later he was a multi-fucking-millionaire and he used that cheque. He claims that if you write something down, you throw it out there into the ether through the medium of the written word and you work, and you believe it will come true then it will.

Everything you want? Last week you wanted pork scratchings and to never ever experience a hangover again, you think writing that shit down will help? Well… one big thing in particular. They type of job that would make my parents proud. Organising your future is like practicing the artistic style of pointillism. You get real close to the issues and you add little points of contact, little nuggets of effort and success.

This is a problem for most young people struggling to map out their lives. Recently after a professional and an academic success I took a step back and realised what my painting looked like. It was nice, pretty even. Well organised and something my parents could be proud of. The picture looked like it had been printed out by my teachers, influenced by LinkedIn and coloured in with only black and white paint.

Fuck that. How boring! Professionalism and turning up at eight thirty every day. Wearing suit trousers and a ironed shirt every single day.

Filling in expense reports and taking conference calls with people I cant stand. Enough is enough.

Money Spell: $7000 in one week

I want to be a comedy writer.All you need are the three basic magic necessities, need, emotion, and knowledge. Concentrate on only what you need. Say the following; I give, because I'm generous.

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I take because I ask. What I well deserve is what I will get. I deserve whatever you need I need whatever you need I will get whatever you need so be it, and so it is. Take a blank piece of paper. Write whatever you want to take place, on this paper in large letters. If there is no wind, simply toss into air and allow ashes to fall to the ground. Then say: So mote it be. Take a small mirror and lay it down, so it reflects up at you.

Then take a bowl of water preferably a glass or silver bowl, but any bowl will do. HINT: If using a ceramic bowl, plain is best.

You should use a bowl with pictures on it only if you have to unless they are hieroglyphs. Only use plastic bowls if you absolutely have to. Put the bowl of water in the center of the mirror, and surround the mirror with candles this spell should be done in a dark room, or at night. The spell works best if the candles are vanilla or lavender.

There should be four candles, one at each corner of the mirror or, if using a round mirror, one at each of these points: Northeast, Northwest, South east, Southwest. In between the candles, on the North, East, South, and West sides of the mirror, put incense burners the spell can work without the incense, but it works better with it.

whatever you write comes true spell

Put a small piece of silver it can be a coin, a piece of a fork, anything in the bowl. Look down at the mirror, and chant this: Mirror, Mirror, on the floor, reflect for me forever more, give me now the thing I crave, I'll give it back when I'm in my grave, A pool of water, A touch of ice, a teardrop from the moon, all this I have and all I want, Is this. Then you say what you want. Lift the corners of the paper and tightly twist them together to form a sack.

Light the wish sack while visualizing your wish coming to fruition. If the paper burns entirely, expect wishes to come true immediately. Having to relight the paper once or twice signifies positive results but only after obstacles clear. Having to re-light the paper any more than twice is an indication that either your wish won't come to pass or that what you wish isn't good for you. Needed: --A flat stone at least 4' wide with a pentacle marked upon it --A small bowl of some natural material stone, metal, clay, etc small, smooth stones marked with the 24 runes --Paper A pen Working knowledge of runes Write your intentions upon the paper in runes.

Cast a magic circle, then read what you have written aloud four times, first facing east, then south, then west, then north. Fold the paper and place it in the bowl, place the bowl upon the flat rock, directly in the center of the pentacle. Place the small stones in a circle around the flat rock, saying the name of each rune aloud as you set it down. Leave this arrangement in place until the spell has been fulfilled.

Writing on cakes and other types of food dates back to ancient Greece and goddess worship. Honey cakes were written on, candles lit and blown out, and wishes on the cakes were eaten to transfer them to the eater. Perform this spell anytime of the year on a waxing moon.

The red candles are for luck and the green for prosperity, but you may wish to substitute other colors more suitable to your specific wish.What is it you wish to accomplish? Are you looking for prosperity? Hoping to get a better job? Trying to bring love into your life? What is the specific aim of the spell?

Whatever it may be, make sure you're clear on what it is you want — "I will get that promotion at work! Generally, positive magic, or workings that draw things to you, is performed during the waxing moon.

Negative or destructive magic is done during the waning phase. It may be that you feel a certain day of the week is best for the working, or even a certain hour of the day. Be sure to check our Magical Correspondence Tables if correspondences make a difference in your tradition. What words or incantation — if any — will be verbalized during the working? Are you going to chant something formal and powerful, calling upon the gods for assistance?

Will you simply mutter a poetic couplet under your breath? Or is it the sort of working where you can simply ponder the Universe in silence?

Remember, there is power in words, so select them carefully. Put all of the above together into a workable form, and then, in the immortal words of the Nike commercial, Just Do It.

Whatever You Write Shall Happen

Llewellyn author Susan Pesznecker says of crafting a spell on your own, "When you build a spell yourself, from the ground up, you infuse it with your deliberateness, your preferences, your wishes, your thoughts, and your energies. It will be much more powerful and complete than any ready-made charm could ever be, making you an integral part of the magick from start to finish. When we practice spellcraft, we use magick as a way of altering reality. Nowhere is this more elegantly done than in handcrafting spells, charms, and rituals, because in these instances, we put our essence into the magick and make it our own.

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Patti Wigington. Paganism Expert. Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy. Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter. Updated January 29, You may wish to keep a magical journal or make notes in your Book of Shadows during the spell construction phase, and then keep track of results as they begin to manifest.Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build.

You have probably wished for something at least once in your lifetime. Some wishes did come true, while others appear to be a struggle. Even if wish manifestation happens to be a challenge for you at the moment, you have to agree that our Universe is abundant. In order to manifest your wishes and tap into the abundance of the Universe you just need to know the algorithm and physics behind manifestation process.

There are many different manifestation, affirmation, and the law of attraction techniques as well as wish spells out there. Years of studying and practicing different consciousness awakening systems e.

In this article, you will learn about one of many techniques that can aid in your wish manifestation journey of self-discovery.

Everything I write comes true!!!! HELP?

It is based on the fact that water is a powerful energy-informational conductor and possesses certain healing properties. It can really open up your inner wish manifesting abilitieshelp you find answers and give you an energy boost in achieving something that you wish to come true in your life.

In simple terms, this technique adds a lot of power to your affirmations and helps to program your body towards manifesting your wishes. To start with the technique you will need a clean sheet of paper or a post-it note and a glass of water preferably good quality water.

Please write down your wish that you want to come true in a form of an affirmation. I am ready to give love and receive love. My life is filled with passion and romance. There are many affirmation lists on different topics online. You can just pick the field you want your wishes to come true and use the affirmation that resonates with you the most or write one yourself writing one yourself usually works much better because you involve your creative essence in the process. This whole process might sound silly, however, your bodies on the higher levels of consciousness do need to hear about your needs.

This way they will be able to synchronize their energies with the work of your brain and heart see Beyond Human Aura Energy Field — Human Heart vs. Human Brain which will enlight the direction you need to go in order to fulfill your wishes. It is in no way a panacea for materializing all your selfish desires. After you chose your affirmation it could be about getting a new job, acquiring financial independence or even health-related affirmations including weight loss write it down on the sheet of paper or the post-it note and attach it to the glass of water remember the experiments with water conducted by Dr.

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Masaru Emoto. You can also just place your glass of water on top of the sheet of paper with the affirmation.The following are some real magic spells that you can do as a beginner and see instant results.

Some of the spells may take a bit of practice, and you must have the right intention going into these spells, but they are all easily doable spells for beginners. You must also know the best time to perform the spells and what tools you will need for the spells to be able to work. Otherwise, they may give you nothing.

whatever you write comes true spell

The best time to work spells is often during full or new moons, or just at night so the spell can start to take effect overnight. Energy from spell work can take some time to gather and go where it is directed. Spells that you perform at night before sleeping may start to work overnight so you will see instant results the very next day when you wake up.

Spells that are done during full moons often need the extra energy that a full moon gives off, so that spell gets an extra boost of power. That is why the bigger the spell, the more likely it is that there is a smaller frame of time that you should perform that spell. This is a very simple, powerful magic spell for beginners who are still looking for their soulmate. You must have positive energy about this spell working and put that energy out there.

Your strong positive energy is what will attract your soulmate to you, and in turn help direct you to your soulmate. This spell should put the process of finding your soulmate into motion instantly, and you will soon see the results.

Love spells can really work! You just have to be positive, put your energy out there, and follow the steps.

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Many love spells will start to work quickly and instantly if done properly. Take a bath late at night before you go to bed. Meditate and get your mind focused until you feel your energy becoming strong and positive. Take as long as you need to achieve this.

You can use a guided meditation if you have trouble getting focused.Mesmer was the very first to propose a rational foundation for those consequences of hypnosis. Acorns can likewise be hung on the conclusion of blind strings for the same reason.

Enfeeble is an excellent spell to bring if you intend to do a spells to make wishes come true. Even when you feel nothing. You can access it here at no cost. He wants to turn into immortal. Should you not observe the kind of spell you want, just email me!

After you believe you have meditated long enough, you might initiate the spell. Healing spells are frequently used. Love spells are a few of the ordinary varieties of magic spells cast. You may use voodoo love spells in many ways since they are categorized among the very best and always accurate. There are various forms of protection spells. They are very common in the use of spells and witchcraft.

Sometimes you just have to use a spell. As an example, you must never try the money spells to aid you in embezzlement. It can likewise be utilized to reverse a spell which has been cast by you. It also functions as a break-up spell. It is an interval employed by plenty daily. These spells generate a result extremely fast with no loss. Write or pull on the foliage image, a phrase or notice that signifies the one thing that you just would like.

Place the leaf on the floor. As the foliage shrivels, your want is taken by it to Our Planet. In thanks, your want will be granted by Nature. If you want, the foliage may also throw into running water or put it beneath a stone. It is a fascination which owes a lot to people wonder and an understanding of the period of rot and development. You ought to thank the tree because of its amplitude if you do the latter.For years I had dreams. But they were fuzzy, blurred and undefined.

Influenced by a range of random and unpredictable factors ranging from the weather to my hormones to how many chocolate biscuits were left in the box, those hazy dreams had an ability to constantly transform and change like clouds floating across the sky.

There was no clarity, no definition and certainly no action. They were simply dreams. Waves of thoughts that swum about in my head…pictures of how I wanted my life to be, if only I could just win the lottery. Because that was bound to happen one day, right!? I just plodded along in the same life, bouncing from one dreary job to another, feeling unsatisfied, drained and poor.

whatever you write comes true spell

I was grateful for the things I did have — my health, my loving family and my supportive friends. But when it came to my career? Well, I just felt stuck. Those fuzzy thoughts and visions that were floating around in my head?

I began to give them some clarity.

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And then suddenly no longer were my dreams made up of abstract thoughts that floated in and out of my consciousness. They were right there, in black and white. Written down in front of me. And things suddenly became ever so real — because my dreams transformed into goals.

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Fast forward 2 years and I now run two successful businesses, get to work where and when I want, and am very much living life on my terms. Putting pen to paper was my catalyst.

It was the moment when the cogs started moving and the balls started rolling. The process of writing down your dreams and spending time thinking about them will help bring you more clarity and allow them to turn into specific goals.

Get out a piece of paper and jot down how you want your life to look in as much detail as possible. Just let the thoughts pour out of you! I write out my goals every single day and I often vary how I do it. You could simply scribble them out on a scrap bit of paper or perhaps try drawing them out using vivid colours.

Get into the habit of coming back to your goals every day and you are far more likely to achieve them. A great tip for getting things moving — thanks Denise!


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